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Odoo Pricing FAQ

The Odoo price is calculated based on the number of seats/Odoo licenses and what modules you wish to use for your organization.
With Odoo Enterprise pricing, you are paying to provision licenses for the number of seats along with the modules you have selected. The implementation can be on site or on any cloud server like AWS, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and others With Odoo.sh you get the licenses as well as hosting from Odoo. As a Gold Partner of Odoo, jupical technologies® will be happy to help you in both cases.
Odoo ERP pricing is a grand total of Odoo licenses along with the modules you require, hosting, initial implementation cost and ongoing maintenance and support.
Odoo Studio is a module that comes with an Odoo enterprise Contract. Odoo Studio is a state of the art standalone app that can help you to customize Odoo modules or apps. The price of the Odoo Studio app is $80/month.
Odoo pricing is based on a per seat cost and the cost of selected modules, paid annually.
Yes, you can just run Odoo as a CRM system. The beauty of the system is that you can add other apps when you are ready according to your business growth. Odoo CRM pricing is based on the number of seats at $24/month and a fixed monthly cost of $24 for the CRM module. Please play around with the pricing widget above to see how you can save money.
Yes, the Odoo Community version is free, but Odoo Community doesn’t have a lot of features compared to Odoo Enterprise. We highly recommend you Odoo Enterprise instead of Community version for running a growing business.
Please use the pricing calculator above to get detailed information on the cost of using Odoo Enterprise. In a nutshell it is a per seat cost followed by a per month module cost.
As an Odoo Gold Partner, jupical technologies® typically gets a commission for every license sale. We transfer that commission to our customers as an additional yearly savings or discount.
If you made your purchase during the work week, it will be 24 business hours. On the weekends, you have to wait until 10AM Pacific time, as the USA Odoo office is located in San Francisco.
Yes, we will be happy to discuss this with Odoo and get you more discounted pricing if you are ready to commit for more than one year. Please contact Melissa Evans at 704-215-4622.
We will contact you 30 days before your annual licenses expire to ensure there isn’t a lapse in your license, which could cause disruptions in your business.
No, unfortunately we only sell licenses to customers located in the India. But, keep in mind you might get a better rate from Odoo directly, as US pricing is higher compared to other regions.
Unfortunately, no. All sales of Odoo licenses are final.
Yes, jupical technologies® is your full-service Odoo Gold Partner. Please contact Melissa Evans at 704-215-4622.
Absolutely, yes.
Yes, but any implementation company that is not an identified Partner by Odoo will be required to sign a non-liability contract with jupical technologies®. We respect Odoo Inc. and their enterprise licensing and want to make sure your non-Odoo partner will not copy enterprise code or do any other things which they are not supposed to do. We need to stay clear of any piracy liabilities and have a right to protect the best interests of Odoo Inc. and jupical technologies®
Yes, please contact Melissa Evans at 704-215-4622.
Yes, please contact Melissa Evans at 704-215-4622.
Yes, that is possible only on Odoo.SH. Please contact Melissa Evans at 704-215-4622.
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