What Are Odoo Apps?

Formerly known as Open-Source ERP, Odoo is quickly becoming the most popular open-source software platform for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Odoo’s goal is to make it possible for your business to integrate all of your existing software and applications into one intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard. More than 2 million users across 55,000 companies worldwide currently use Odoo. There are apps available for all types of industries, including warehousing, eCommerce, shipping and delivery, finance, HR, tech, software, and many more. Essentially, if you run a business and currently use multiple software platforms to manage your operations, you can benefit from Odoo. Odoo is an open-source ERP software that provides one dashboard for your entire company to use for all of your business functions. This dashboard is only useful, though, if you have the right applications that your business needs to become more efficient and functional to meet the needs of your clients and organization.


At jupical technologies®, we have built some of the best Odoo apps for third-party integration. We built these apps putting the customer and the processes first. We are able to build these apps based on our industry expertise and hands-on experience working with multiple industries in the US.

Odoo App

Shopify is a cloud-based, SaaS (software as a service) shopping cart solution. A monthly fee gives you access to an admin panel where you can enter store data, add products, and process orders. The custom Odoo app helps the Shopfiy platform to transfer data easily.

Shopify Odoo Apps

Odoo App

Amazon who is the world's largest online retailer. Our Odoo app helps the Amazon ECommerce platform to sync data between the two.

Amazon Odoo Apps

Odoo App

This Odoo connector is used to sync data between Odoo and Walmart

Walmart Odoo Apps

Odoo App

This Odoo connector is used to sync data between Odoo and Chewy

Chewy Odoo Apps

Odoo Feed

PrestaShop is a freemium, open source e-commerce solution. The software is published under the Open Software License. Our Odoo connector is used to allow seamless data transfer between Odoo and Feed ECommerce platforms.

Odoo Feed Connector

Odoo Magento

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. The connector we use helps the Magento applications to sync data between Odoo and Magento.

Odoo  Magento Connector

Odoo Visma

The Odoo - Visma Connector syncs in real time between Odoo and Visma. Currently we support Odoo versions 14 (Enterprise). This module is exceptionally useful for businesses who already have Visma and want to keep it, even after adopting the Odoo ERP System.

Odoo Visma Connector


Businesses of all types are switching to Odoo to make it easy to manage every aspect of their company. In particular, Odoo is popular with tech companies, manufacturing facilities, retailers, eCommerce sites, marketing companies, telecommunications companies, higher education institutes, and construction businesses. The wide range of available tools and apps for general business purposes such as finance, communications, HR, marketing, operations, sales, and websites means that Odoo is ideal for businesses in pretty much any industry.

How Odoo Apps Work

One of the main benefits of using Odoo is that you can completely customize it based on the needs, objectives, and aspects of your business. Odoo can easily grow with you, and you can add more functionality as your business scales. Odoo apps are available to help you with all of your processes, from sales and accounting to HR and project management. There are currently over 35 existing base Odoo apps that can help you with various aspects of your business. These base apps are designed to give you a starting point to manage different areas of your business, such as inventory, manufacturing, accounting, HR, and more. You can pick and choose which base apps to add to your Odoo dashboard based on your business needs. All of the base apps work together to create a cohesive ERP management system. However, these base apps generally aren’t enough to meet the specific business needs of Odoo users. Just as every business isn’t one-size-fits-all, every existing Odoo app isn’t customized to meet all of your business needs. That’s why Odoo app development from a third-party like jupical technologies Inc. is so beneficial for business owners who have specific needs that can’t be met with just the base Odoo apps.

Secure Odoo App
Development and Integration

At jupical technologies, Inc., we’ve built amazing Odoo apps for third-party integration. We focus on putting our customers and their unique processes first to develop Odoo apps that are 100% customized to meet their business needs. Our industry expertise along with our hands-on experience with app development have helped us become one of the leaders in Odoo app development for businesses of all sizes in all industries. We take security extremely seriously. That’s why we make sure to have experts test and verify every piece of code that we write. This is an important step in the app development process because it ensures your Odoo apps are secure and stable. You can rest assured knowing that the Odoo apps that we build and integrate for you won’t cause harm to your website or your platform. All company and user data will be securely stored and free from the risk of a virus or malware.

How jupical technologies, Inc Can Help You Integrate Odoo Apps

Companies hire a third-party company to integrate their Odoo apps to ensure the migration and integration go smoothly. Incorrectly integrating Odoo apps could lead to problems for departments across your company, costing you valuable time, money, and resources instead of helping you become more efficient with your time and money.Whether you are using existing Odoo apps, customized Odoo apps, or a combination of the two types of Odoo apps, we can help you integrate them into your Odoo dashboard. Our Odoo app development and integration process is straightforward and simple. We follow these six steps to build and implement amazing Odoo apps that move your business forward:


    Before we can start developing the best Odoo apps for your business, we need to understand your company. This will help us understand which Odoo base apps can work for your business and what additional customized Odoo apps you need.

    STEP 1


    Once we know what customized Odoo apps you need, we get to work designing them for you. Our experienced Odoo app designers will stay in contact with you throughout the process so you’ll always be informed about your odoo app design.

    STEP 2


    Once you are happy with the Odoo app design, our developers start developing and configuring your Odoo apps. This is an important step, as our developers work to ensure that the Odoo apps they develop will seamlessly integrate with your existing software while protecting you from dangerous risks like malware and viruses.

    STEP 3


    We have every app expertly tested before deploying to make sure the apps work, are secure, and will integrate with your software. We won’t deploy your apps until they have passed testing flawlessly.

    STEP 4


    When everything has been tested and shown to be flawless, we’ll deploy your new Odoo apps and integrate them so they work with your existing apps and modules. This is the exciting part, when you get to experience all the benefits that customized Odoo apps have to offer for your business!

    STEP 5


    Your success, is our success, which is why we offer continued support after your apps have been integrated and deployed. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns about your Odoo apps.

    STEP 6

Odoo Apps FAQ

Move the 3rd party apps to a directory in the application server where the Odoo deamon (process) has file read access. Change the moved file(s) ownership to Odoo user. Specify the path of this directory in the Odoo config file after addons path. Restart the server then update the apps lists in Apps>Update Apps List. Then search the app in the Odoo App kanban view and when you find the app hit install.
Go to the Apps kanban view and search for your app, then click Open its form view then hit uninstall. Please note that the uninstallation will also remove all additional data created by this application (eg: if a new table or new fields were created in the database because of this app, after uninstalling this app, this data will also be removed and cannot be recovered).
You can use all the free apps in Odoo as well as all the free apps developed by OCA (Odoo Community Association) plus all 3rd party apps that you have installed.
Odoo Enterprise comes with the following Core modules - CRM, Website Builder, Projects, Inventory, Invoicing, Manufacturing, Sales, Point of Sale, Appraisal, Accounting, Notes, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Quality, E-commerce, Helpdesk, Purchase, Employees, Attendances, Recruitment, Expenses, Dashboards, Contacts, Documents, Leaves, Internet of Things, Messaging, Marketing Automation, Forecast, Subscriptions, Signature, Barcode, Timesheets, VOIP, Odoo Studio, Website Live Chat, Surveys, Email Marketing, Lunch, Maintenance, Calendar, Appointments, Blogs, Online Jobs, Slides, Forum, Fleet Management, Events, Live Chat and Repairs.
In the Employee User form view, you can select which apps each user has access/permissions to use. There are also different levels of user permissions within an app (eg: the Sales app can have normal sales user level access, sales manager level access, etc.).
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