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E-Finance Application

(November 2022 - Still Continuing ) - Our Malaysian Client 

Overview : Our team successfully developed and implemented an e-finance loan application using the Odoo ERP system. This comprehensive solution streamlined the entire loan process, from initial application to loan repayment. Our implementation involved a combination of customization, integration, and the utilization of the vanilla version of Odoo's loan management module.

Key Features Implemented:

Loan Application Process: We customized the Odoo ERP system to incorporate a seamless loan application process. Clients could submit their loan applications electronically, enabling a quick and efficient assessment of their eligibility.

Customer Identity Verification: To ensure the security and authenticity of loan applicants, we integrated the system with an eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) service. This integration facilitated robust customer identity verification, complying with regulatory requirements and minimizing the risk of fraud.

Integration with Trust Gate: To enhance the trustworthiness and reliability of our loan application system, we integrated it with TrustGate, a trusted third-party platform for digital document signing and verification. This integration enabled secure and legally binding e-signatures, ensuring the integrity of loan agreements.

Video Attestation: In order to verify the identity of loan applicants remotely, we implemented video attestation functionality. This feature allowed applicants to participate in live video calls, where our agents could verify their identities and gather additional information to support the loan approval process.

Loan Management: Utilizing the vanilla version of Odoo's loan management module, we configured the system to handle loan disbursement, installment calculations, penalty calculations on overdue invoices, and other essential loan-related tasks. This comprehensive loan management functionality ensured accurate tracking of loan balances, timely repayment notifications, and efficient management of loan portfolios.

Backend and Frontend Implementation: Our team executed both backend and frontend implementation for the e-finance loan application project. On the backend, we customized and configured the Odoo ERP system to align with the specific requirements of the loan application process. This involved database design, logic implementation, and integration with external services. On the frontend, we created an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless user experience for both loan applicants and internal staff.

Result: As a result of our efforts, the e-finance loan application project successfully automated and streamlined the loan process for our client. The integration of key functionalities, such as eKYC, TrustGate, and video attestation, enhanced the security, efficiency, and convenience of the loan application process. The loan management module provided comprehensive tracking and management capabilities, enabling our client to monitor loan portfolios and optimize loan repayment.

We are proud to have successfully implemented this project, demonstrating our expertise in Odoo ERP customization, integration, and frontend development.

Computer Store E-Commerce Store

(August 2019- till present) - Our Cyprus Client

Overview: We assisted a computer store in Cyprus in shifting their business to an eCommerce platform using Odoo's website shop. We successfully developed and implemented a complete project, which is now live. Additionally, we continue to provide ongoing support, ensuring customer satisfaction and addressing their evolving requirements.

Key Features Implemented:

  • eCommerce Platform: We customized and configured Odoo's website shop module to create a robust eCommerce platform for the computer store. This allowed customers to browse and purchase products online, providing a seamless shopping experience.
  • Customization: We implemented various customizations to align the eCommerce platform with the specific needs of the computer store. This included configuring product categories, setting up pricing rules, and incorporating personalized branding elements.
  • Order Management: We developed an efficient order management system, enabling the computer store to track and process customer orders seamlessly. This included order confirmation, inventory management, and order fulfillment to ensure timely product delivery.

Ongoing Support: We continue to provide comprehensive support to the computer store, addressing their requirements and maintaining a positive customer relationship. We stay updated with the latest trends and incorporate necessary enhancements to optimize their eCommerce platform.

Singapore Diamond Company​

(June 2022- November 2022 ) - Our Singapore Client

Client Background: Our client, a prominent diamond company in Singapore, faced numerous operational challenges due to manual processes and disjointed systems. These challenges included inefficient inventory management, complex sales order processing, and a lack of real-time visibility into their business operations. Recognizing the need for a robust and integrated ERP solution, they approached us to implement Odoo ERP.

Implementation Process:

  1. Requirements Gathering: Our team of ERP experts conducted detailed interviews with the client's stakeholders to understand their specific business needs, pain points, and desired outcomes. This phase ensured that our solution was tailored to address their unique requirements.

  2. System Design and Configuration: Based on the gathered requirements, we designed a comprehensive Odoo ERP system architecture. We configured modules such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, and CRM to align with the client's business processes. Customizations were made to accommodate the intricacies of the diamond industry.

  3. Data Migration: We meticulously migrated the client's existing data, including customer records, inventory data, vendor information, and financial transactions, to ensure a seamless transition to the new system. Data cleansing and validation processes were implemented to maintain data accuracy.

  4. Training and Change Management: To facilitate user adoption and ensure a smooth transition, we conducted comprehensive training sessions for the client's employees. We emphasized the benefits of the new system, addressed concerns, and provided ongoing support during the implementation and post-implementation phases.

Key Benefits and Achievements:

  1. Streamlined Inventory Management: With Odoo ERP, the client gained real-time visibility into their inventory levels, enabling efficient tracking of diamond stock, attributes, and certifications. Automated replenishment notifications reduced stockouts and optimized procurement processes.

  2. Enhanced Sales Operations: Odoo's integrated CRM and sales modules enabled the client to streamline their sales processes. Sales representatives could easily create and manage quotes, sales orders, and invoices, improving accuracy and reducing order processing time.

  3. Improved Financial Management: Odoo's accounting module streamlined financial operations by automating tasks such as invoicing, payment tracking, and bank reconciliation. The client gained better control over cash flow, financial reporting, and compliance.

  4. Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Manual data entry and redundant tasks were significantly reduced, freeing up employees' time for more value-added activities. Improved collaboration and communication within departments fostered a more efficient work environment.

  5. Enhanced Customer Experience: The client was able to provide superior customer service with accurate and timely order processing, quick response times, and improved order tracking. Customer satisfaction increased, leading to higher customer retention rates and repeat business.

Through the implementation of Odoo ERP, we successfully transformed the operations of a diamond company in Singapore, enabling them to overcome their operational challenges and achieve new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction. The integrated nature of Odoo ERP, combined with customizations for the diamond industry, allowed the client to streamline inventory management, sales operations, and financial processes. The project's success highlights our expertise in ERP implementation and the power of Odoo as a comprehensive business management solution.

 Fabric Store

(February2021- till present) - our USA client

Overview: We had the privilege of working with a fabric store based in the USA that supplies fabrics worldwide. The client selected Odoo as the ideal software solution and entrusted our team at Jupical with the implementation. Our collaboration aimed to drive business growth and meet the client's requirements effectively. The client even visited India to work closely with our team, and the project is currently live on Odoo version 16.

  • Requirement Fulfillment:We worked closely with the client to understand their unique needs and translate them into Odoo's configuration. This included customizing Odoo's modules for inventory management, sales, purchase, and other relevant areas to match the fabric store's workflows and processes.
  • Business Growth Focus:The implementation of Odoo aimed to support and drive the client's business growth. By streamlining operations, optimizing inventory management, and enhancing sales and purchase processes, the fabric store was equipped to handle increased demand and expand its customer base.
  • Collaboration and Client Visit:To ensure a smooth implementation, the client visited our team in India. This allowed for closer collaboration, in-depth discussions, and faster decision-making, resulting in a successful implementation and a stronger working relationship.
  • Odoo Version 16:The project was implemented on Odoo version 16, leveraging the latest features and enhancements of the software. This ensured that the fabric store could benefit from the most up-to-date functionalities and advancements in Odoo.

The successful implementation of Odoo ERP for the fabric store in the USA has positively impacted their business operations. The tailored Odoo solution streamlined inventory management, optimized sales and purchase processes, and enhanced overall efficiency. The fabric store is now better equipped to handle their global fabric retailing operations, drive business growth, and meet customer demands effectively. The collaborative effort between the client and Jupical, along with the utilization of Odoo version 16, has resulted in a reliable and scalable software solution for the fabric store's ongoing success.

Education ERP

(Large-Scale ERP Implementation for a Major University) - Our Mexico Client

We undertook a significant and highly successful project to implement an ERP system for a major university in Mexico. This extensive endeavor involved the customization and integration of multiple modules, including sales, purchase, inventory, and accounting. The completion of the ERP implementation has been a milestone achievement, with the university's live website serving as a centralized platform for efficient management of their operations.

Key Achievements and Impact:

  • Comprehensive Functionalities: We successfully tailored the ERP system to meet the university's unique requirements. The implementation encompassed a wide range of functionalities, including sales management for admissions and merchandise, purchase management for procurement efficiency, robust inventory management, and seamless integration with the accounting module for financial transparency.
  • Streamlined Operations: Through the ERP implementation, the university achieved streamlined operations across various departments. The automation of sales processes, optimized procurement procedures, and accurate inventory management enhanced operational efficiency and reduced manual effort. This streamlined approach resulted in time and cost savings for the university.
  • Financial Transparency: Integration with the accounting module provided the university with comprehensive financial visibility. The accurate recording of financial transactions, management of accounts receivable and payable, and generation of financial reports ensured transparency in financial operations. This facilitated informed decision-making and improved financial planning for the university.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The live website, seamlessly integrated with the ERP system, played a vital role in enhancing the user experience for students, faculty, and staff. It served as a central hub, offering easy access to information on programs, admissions, events, and news. Online enrollment, fee payments, and access to course materials provided convenience and improved engagement within the university community.
  • Scalability and Growth: The successful implementation of the large-scale ERP system positions the university for scalability and future growth. The flexibility and modular nature of the ERP system allow for easy expansion and integration of additional functionalities as the university's needs evolve. This ensures that the ERP solution will continue to support the university's growth and adapt to changing requirements.

This major ERP implementation project has had a significant and positive impact on the university's operations. The customization and integration of various modules, along with the live website, have revolutionized sales, procurement, inventory, and accounting processes. The streamlined operations, financial transparency, enhanced user experience, and scalability have positioned the university for continued success and growth. The project stands as a testament to our expertise in delivering large-scale ERP solutions and our commitment to empowering educational institutions with advanced technology

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