Our Business Model

We provide different pricing model which can be easily fit to your requirement and budget.

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Fixed Price Model

Our fixed pricing structure ensures that you know the exact cost of your project upfront, providing budget certainty from the start.

Say goodbye to budget uncertainties, get understanding of the project scope and associated costs before we commence. No hidden surprises, just clear-cut expectations.

Our Fixed Price model features predictable payment milestones aligned with project phases, making financial planning straightforward and manageable.

Time is of the essence, and we respect that. With our Fixed Price model, you get committed timelines for project completion.

With this model we prioritize efficiency without compromising on the quality of the deliverables.

Our Fixed Price model enables you to allocate resources efficiently, knowing the costs are locked in.

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Time & Material Model

With T&M model, you pay for the actual hours invested in your project. No hidden costs, just a straightforward commitment to delivering value for your investment.

Allowing you to scale resources as needed, guaranteeing that you get the most out of every hour and ensuring unmatched scalability for your project.

Combo of cost-effectiveness with uncompromised quality. Every hour spent is a direct investment in the success of your project, eliminating unnecessary expenses due to limited required material.

The key benifit of Staying actively involved mutually, receive regular updates, and make informed decisions as we progress together, ensuring the required output aligns with the evolving project scope.

Payment based on the job done, easy to make installments with delivery after completion

Our T&M model allows for quick responses to change as it goes step by step to required goal.

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Hire Dedicated

With Hire Dedicated Team model, you get exclusive access to a team of skilled professionals devoted to your project. Benefit from specialised expertise aligned with your specific needs.z

With dedicated team model benefit yourself by becoming an extension of your in-house team. Experience collaboration without the barriers.

Reduce your development cost up to 60% associated with the project

Explore the complete agile process system with extensive QA testing before submission to ensure a level up to your quality code.

Get a chance to choose your own choice of developers from our team of selected level.

Daily communication and reporting enhanced at your real time updates.

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