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jupical technologies® is a child of the new millennium, delivering fully integrated software services to meet the unique needs of individual startups, small and medium-sized businesses. We have grown exponentially alongside the fast-paced IT industry over the last 11 years. As a global enterprise with an established presence in the IN and India, jupical technologies® provides quality software services to clients in nearly 20 countries around the world.

We are an interactive, reliable company that thrives on developing solutions rooted in technology that keeps our customers happy and help their businesses grow.

Our solutions cover multiple domains, including ERP systems, custom web application development, custom app development for Android / iOS platforms, custom app development for Android / custom blockchain application development, and artificial intelligence. We build end-to-end integrated solutions for a complete automation experience that promotes business growth.

As a Jupical customer, you have a dedicated development team committed to streamlining and perfecting technology for your business. Clients who bring their business to us are guaranteed to be satisfied. We treat every project with complete dedication and believe that no venture is too big or too small.


We make the world a better place, starting within our company.

Our goal is to solve customer problems using state of the art technology, writing the best possible optimized code, and going to any extent necessary to make the end customer 100% satisfied while investing in our work culture, contributing back to society, and making a standard profit.

How does Jupical help
small businesses ?

You shouldn’t have to settle for lower quality technological solutions as a small business. We want startups to small and medium-sized businesses to have the same level of access to innovative and highly efficient technology and software solutions that Fortune100 businesses have, without breaking the bank.

We achieve this by leveraging our 11 years of experience working on open source technologies and taking full ownership of your software development needs.

Whether you are a startup product company looking for developers or a small/medium-sized business looking for off the shelf customized open source solutions, we’ve got you covered!

How it all began

jupical technologies® was founded over a decade ago by CEO Anil Kesariya who had a vision of providing the most reliable, innovative, and customer-focused IT services to business organizations. jupical technologies® was truly a product of the new millennium. Since its creation, the company has undergone exponential growth alongside the rapidly changing IT industry.

Being a global enterprise established strongly in the US, jupical technologies® is proud to provide quality software services to clients in almost 50 countries around the world.

The culture and team at jupical technologies® are interactive, creative, and mission-focused. Each and every one of us thrives on seeing our customers satisfied and watching how our work directly impacts our clients’ success. With streamlined communication and effective software solutions, the businesses we help have the opportunity to develop and grow at an unprecedented rate.

We often hear companies talk about the difficulty of trying to make the right choice when it comes to deciding which company to go to for business software, products, and services. Finding a company who offers all the solutions and services you need and who will be with you every step of the way isn’t always easy. Until now.

This is where we at jupical technologies® come in. Our team of experts are ready to step in to help you move your business forward with end-to-end integrated solutions that deliver a complete automation experience that promotes business growth.

Our solutions range over multiple domains, including ERP systems, design, and development of custom websites, web/mobile app, blockchain, and AI-powered apps and other dedicated customer-defined development projects.

jupical technologies® has also built a strong reputation with our expertise in ERP implementation, customizations, and integrations using Odoo.

No matter what solution you are seeking or which problem you have been trying to solve, our team is equipped with the right resources and expertise to provide and perfect a software solution that is right for your unique business.

We guarantee our work, and our clients’ satisfaction is our number one goal. At jupical technologies®, every client and project is given the level of dedication that we have become known for. We work with businesses of all sizes and believe that no venture is too big or too small.

Whether you know exactly what you need or need some help figuring out your next steps, we look forward to helping you achieve your business goals with the most reliable, innovative, and customer-focused IT services around.



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    Chief Technology Officer

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    VP of Enterprise Solutions

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jupical technologies® Timeline


  • How it all started

    It all began in the spring of 2008, when jupical technologies® was formed as a software services company by Anil Kesariya. We started off helping companies set up their web presence while concentrating on open source technologies. jupical technologies® provided services ranging from web development and development tools to telecom rapid action development solutions and worked on projects that demanded this skillset.
    This was when the Great Recession hit the India, but towards the end of the year, we did win contracts from the India and France and these took us from 2 employees to 10 employees.

  • Being a Reliable Partner

    Our passion for open source technologies kept us on track. 2009 gave us wings to work in multiple geographies and explore more technologies. Our contracts matured into long-term, recurring partnerships. Consequently, our headcount increased from 10 to 20 employees in no time.
    Our first major milestone was moving into a larger office in Technopark Trivandrum, India’s first and finest IT park. This ensured that we had state-of-the-art facilities to serve a global clientele.

  • The way forward

    In 2010 we landed opportunities in Oceania, including Australia and New Zealand. Technology provided all the tools that we required to solve business problems and we kept exploring advanced tools as they hit the market. We were chosen to build products for a top telecom company, which gave us experience with top corporations.
    One of our top team members came forward with a passion to learn and build a team around open source ERP systems and this opened a new vista of opportunities for jupical technologies®. ERP, CRM and Electronic EPABX were added to our suite of tools to offer clients.

  • Gains with Pains

    We began 2011 with some really good ERP projects. More coffee and overnight stays by a team that never gave up could be witnessed. With the end results being successful, the team set off for fun and refreshment.
    We had frequent client visits from other countries by this time and created great relationships with them as well. Having now signed contracts for assigned product development teams along with working on multiple other projects, we became a 35 employee company.

  • The growing process

    In 2012 we became members of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), NASSCOM, and the Indo Australian and German Chambers of Commerce. Our corporate heads had the opportunity to join delegations sent to Australia, Germany, the US and the Middle East that broadened our horizons and threw open the gates of opportunity to work with businesses in these regions.
    A multinational presence had been our goal from the start, and this was the year to realize it. We registered our subsidiary company, jupical technologies®, in the India to mark the beginning of our increased focus on the US market. We felt strongly that the US business community could benefit from the solution suite we provided, which was efficient, cost-effective and value added.

  • A great year for jupical technologies®

    OpenERP development had become our forte and we did some serious work for clients across the globe. We set up a full time sales and support office in North Carolina, India. We now had a solid client base on OpenERP from over 15 countries who entrusted us with some great projects while we delivered quality solutions connecting industry standard software and hardware. Long term assignments for dedicated team building from Germany, Denmark and Dubai were acquired.
    As we grow larger we knew we had to ensure a uniform sense of responsibility and accountability across the organization, so we adopted EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to manage our operations.

  • Odoo Experts

    As Odoo/Open ERP grew in popularity across the world, we started providing it as SAAS (software as a service) along with Prestashop and Magento for the booming e-commerce community and were more than delighted on the response obtained.
    We set up research teams on low energy Bluetooth communications and big data analytics and conducted monthly hackathons on new technologies. SMBs across countries are now running our solutions.
    We felt it was time to take a deep introspection and plan for the future. 'Vision 2020' which detailed jupical technologies®'s seven year plan was unveiled.

  • 7 Glorious Years

    We welcomed the year with an exciting mission to launch our new logo and website, as a forerunner to our rebranding strategy. Most importantly, we rolled out Odoo v8.0 on a dedicated and shared platform using Amazon EC2 for the increasing community of users.
    We aimed to be one of the best software houses in the US by the end of 2015 specializing in Odoo, product development (mobile/web) and dedicated team building. We started off with the mission to be reliable partners to clients and invent solutions that make life easier for them. Whatever we do, we do it with a focus on this ideology.


    Clutch.co honored us with the award for Top ERP Consultant of 2016, and this was such a great honor. Clutch.co is a data-driven field guide to assist businesses with their buying decisions. They interview clients, collect data, and compare competitors to provide businesses with honest, reliable recommendations.
    Also this year we began offering Odoo IT support services to our Odoo clients, making us the first US company to offer 24/7 Odoo support.


    We continued to grow in both employees and services offered. This year we began offering FTE (full time equivalent) resources. This is a great option for clients who need a dedicated technician but don't have the ability or resources to hire one directly to their company.
    Odoo v11 rolled out at the end of the year and we began working with several clients to upgrade their platform to the latest and greatest version of Odoo. Our founder and CEO, Anil Kesariya, was awarded the Charlotte Future 50 Award from SmartCEO magazine.


    As we celebrated our 10th year in business we were honored to receive 2 more awards from Clutch.co, 2018 Top ERP Consulting Firm and 2018 Clutch Global Leader. We were also awarded the Indywood Excellence Award on Innovation.
    Our Odoo Support services contracts continued to grow as more companies switched and realized the importance of 24/7 backup assistance. We also added support personnel located in our North Carolina office.


    We began 2019 on the road, sponsoring 5 Odoo Roadshows in Louisville, Atlanta, New Orleans, Charlotte, and Raleigh. These were great ways to introduce businesses not only to Odoo, but to jupical technologies®.
    We moved to a new office in Uptown Charlotte on June.
    Once again, Clutch.co awarded us with Top Performing B2B Company, proving our consistent dedication to providing the best for our clients.


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